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Alan Parrott

Financial Advisor

About Alan

Alan Parrott has been the CFO of Donald W. Kelley Associates for over 20 years. He serves as a financial advisor to Falco, Smith & Kelley Ltd. Mr. Parrott directly oversees the debt financing activities of the various apartment projects as well as communication with all debt agencies such as Freddie Mac and HUD. During his tenure, Alan has overseen approximately $500 million dollars in debt financing. Mr. Parrott also oversees all Treasury functions, tax filings and other financial aspects of the Company. Mr. Parrott holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio University and has nine years of experience with Ernst & Young as well as other varied employers.

Alan serves on the Finance Committee of his church and is past President of the Central Ohio Chapter of the American Heart Association. Alan is most proud of his wife Lynne, and their two children and extended family.


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